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Why Founders and Product Teams should document their research

How often have you been asked to back up your assertions with numbers? How often asked for specific figures when providing market, user or product insights? How easily has it been to share documents with those you’re presenting to instead of continuously having to re-explain yourself? If ever you’ve found yourself in such situations, then it’s time you started documenting your research. 
Audrey Alves-Cunka
24 February 2023
4 min read


The Fellowship of Product Discovery

The teams and skills that create products people want to use. Getting from an idea to a tangible product is quite an adventure, and for this process to be its most effective, you need a solid team that has a proper set of skills.
Seweryn Olek
22 February 2023
4 min read


How to define the value your business provides

Every product should provide value to the people who use it. After all, there is no other way of generating income than by exchanging value for money. And as with all forms of business, startups must at some point also be profitable.  Value proposition is the foundation of every startup. It should define in the simplest way what kind of value its products or services generate for the user. The simplicity of this communication is as important for users as it is for investors and other stakeholders. A well formulated value proposition makes it easy to understand what the startup actually does, what the base of its business is, and how it differentiates itself from the competition. It may seem that there are infinite ways to describe a value proposition, however in reality, there is only a limited number of ways in which a startup can improve people's lives (and/or their businesses, as in the case of a B2B business model).
Marta Przyłęcka
15 February 2023
3 min read