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How to Track Memory Usage and Leaks in Node.js

For the Node.js engineer, memory leaks in an application can be a nightmare from which awakening isn't always as straightforward as crying out in the night. In fact, the longer these leaks go undetected, the longer the bad dream can drag on. This is to say that CPU, memory usage, load average and response time of an application with memory leak bugs will increase accordingly until the CPU reaches 100% of its capacity, after which the service will cease to respond. These are symptoms the developer may face when an application suffers a memory leak. Should you be such a developer, read on and find out how to address these symptoms and how you can monitor your memory usage and memory leaks in Node.js applications.
Dawid Pstrak
10 December 2021
5 min read


Why 3BL is Good (for) Business

Most businesses operate for gaining financial benefit -- commonly referred to as 'profit'. However, as this pure profit motive has come under increasing scrutiny over the past 25 years, initiatives have since been introduced into business environments for enhancing this motive and the subsequent activities they drive at any given company. One such initiative is known as the Triple Bottom Line, a concept defined in 1994 by British management consultant and sustainability guru John Elkington. Triple Bottom Line theory refers to the transformation of business objectives from the financially oriented only to ones of greater complexity and with broader perspectives. Essentially, Elkington advocates that a business adopt a greater obligation to stewardship in its purpose. That a company be managed in a way that not only generates profit but in a way that addresses the state of both society and the environment.
Agata Bieniek
03 December 2021
6 min read


12 E-commerce Trends to Watch in 2022

As we see out the remaining weeks of 2021, we can look back on what will be nearly two years of accelerated innovation and transformation in the world of eCommerce. Two years during which those in eCommerce will certainly have recognized the heightened degree of competition this broader, braver new purchasing platform now presents. And indeed that eCommerce is an ever-changing industry, forever subject to the next wave of trends businesses may choose to adopt for remaining competitive and profitable.  So, what’s in store for 2022? Rest assured our current innovations will continue apace, but in the meantime here are 12 eCommerce trends online retailers can expect to grow in relevance.
David Adamick
26 November 2021
9 min read