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First steps towards success: Growth Hacking

Most of the people do not know what Growth Hacking is, but it’s not strange taking into account the term is quite new. Well, allow me to tell you that 10 years ago it didn’t even exist. But, I must also say that if you work on sales and especially on marketing, you should definitely have a look at it.  
Emma Revert
10 January 2019
4 min read


Web technologies study: Our software frameworks preferences

If you know a little thing about us, our work is all about getting things done efficiently. We have been through many projects now, which means we have applied many technologies too. After our fair experience in the tech world working on development, we can present our thoughts on the current situation in the web technologies market and why we use them.
Rafał Szczech
13 December 2018
5 min read


5 reasons to start every project with a kick-off meeting

Having worked on several development projects as part of a remote product team taking care of everything from design to AppStore launches, I’ve had numerous occasions to see that, indeed, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. One of the lessons was: a kick-off meeting is a must!
Michał Merchelski
29 November 2018
5 min read