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Startup Development House run tailor-made workshops for the InCredibles

Startup Development House runs tailor-made workshops for the InCredibles, a mentoring program established and promoted by Sebastian Kulczyk At Startup Development House we take as active a part in the startup ecosystem as possible. For us, sharing knowledge and experience via tailor-made workshops and mentoring is an ideal means of supporting tech entrepreneurs who are on their way to launching successful digital products. We were therefore delighted by the opportunity to organize and host workshops dedicated to the finalists of the start-up mentoring program, InCredibles. These workshops took place in April and focused on the end-user role in the business model.
Startup Development House
29 July 2022
5 min read


Co-creation and workshops - why two heads are better than one for Product Discovery

There are many different ways of working on a product and developing new ideas. Some of them, however, like waking up in the morning with the brilliant idea that bestows you instant, entrepreneurial stardom, for example, are well behind us.  The same goes with outsourcing all work and decision-making to someone else. Of course, you can do it; for some, it might be even quite tempting. But that’s not really what being a founder is about, something you probably feel in your bones already.  Although we use our skills and experience to support startups in many different fields, there is still no substitute for a founder with vision. No replacing his or her motivation, continuing desire to learn and commitment to teamwork for the sake of creating a truly desirable product. When it comes to teamwork, Startup Development House prioritizes workshops and co-creation as a crucial means of effective collaboration, rather than stray emails and endless, unstructured meetings. 
Seweryn Olek
06 June 2022
5 min read