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  • Q&A
  • Free Consulting

You have an idea of a product or service and want to bring it into life? An early definition of the core value proposition is an essential factor for the project to become successful. This enables us, going forward, conducting the design and the future development plan. We'll conduct a series of workshops with you to define a detailed roadmap.

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  • Wireframing
  • Design
  • Prototyping

To be perfectly sure how the app is going to look and function, we create its prototype based on the dedicated UX design. Our designers start by building wireframes to translate the user stories into a visual interface. After the iteration of these wireframes, we design a style guide and fully designed clickable prototypes. Workshops help us to outline the site copy to aid in the design process.

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3. development

  • Front-end and Back-end
  • Behaviour-driven development
  • Test-driven development

With high-resolution mock-ups in hand, the design team codes the front-end of the application. At this stage we create a fully functional version of the product according to the previously agreed mockups, user stories and prototypes. As a full stack development team, we deliver both web solutions and mobile applications to enrich the ways your customers can take advantage of your value proposition. We use the BDD (Behavior-driven development) and TDD (Test-driven development) approach during the development process. This makes the product very stable and allows to achieve a high level of quality.

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Everyone has a role to play to ensure the success of the project. As sprints come to a close, your feedback and ideas are critical. With these, we can adapt the application to the changes in business rules and customer input. We communicate frequently during our sprints, but typically schedule in-person meetings at the end of the sprint. This meeting provides a medium to discuss our progress, review feedback and adjust scope as necessary.

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When everything has been implemented and tested, it's time to release the product. We first launch the staging version for your final approval, then we make the application available to the customers. “Shipping" is an exciting and demanding endeavor – we’ll be there to support you the whole way through. As the new users, we’ll support you by fine-tuning the application to more effectively engage new users. Your customer's satisfaction is key to realizing the application's true value.

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While this phase might represent the conclusion of the initial build, in fact it is just the beginning of the product's growth. Through diligent approach, the application can reach the next-level through aggressive user acquisition. After the application has been successfully launched, it needs to be maintained. Technologies get outdated, hardware requires troubleshooting, security threats mitigated and your solution has to be ready to meet users’ changing needs and face corner cases like huge numbers of users accessing the application at the same time.

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  • Marketing
  • Sales & Investment Strategy

We will take the full advantage of Google Analytics, SEO practices, content marketing, context advertising, social media and email marketing to make your product recognized and successful in the market. In case you’re building a B2B solution and require dedicated sales managers to promote it, we are ready to analyze your market niche, create a unique sales strategy and reach out to your potential clients around the globe.

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8. Seo Services

We offer a comprehensive and transparent approach to online marketing through a sound Search Engine Optimization. Our search marketing solutions provide measurable and dependable results for our clients in Poland. Our deep technical knowledge and demonstrated expertise make us a good partner in content marketing. Grow your online visibility and drive your website revenues with our effective SEO services.

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