Startup House, just a pitstop on your way or maybe...?

Damian Czerw
07 wrzesień 2019
3 min

You, sitting cosily in front of your screen, searching for a company to join. Let’s see what’s in that search. Position — check, salary — check, requirements — check, cool name — nah, whatever, mission — who believes in that today? Values — “corporate bullshit”. But it’s fine, you like the website, let’s see — apply.

You’ve found it, another “great place to work”, next “top #1 employer”, next “top in its category”. Recruitment process — yeah, that was nice, smooth, not that easy, but you’ve made it. Onboarding — quite cool, fun, gadgets, stories, device, and go! The first week — nice. The first month — nice. First 3 months — still fine, let’s move forward. First year — cool... Another half a year passes — could be cooler and hmm... How about something new? So it’s you sitting cosily in front of your screen, searching…

But if you were to imagine…

You, sitting cosily in the office, that is fine as most of them are. Working on the newest, or just cool looking and working as it should MacBook Pro. Drinking the “best coffee in the town”, as everywhere claims. Making a product. A product by which today, you will help Norwegian children make their first steps towards responsible care for their finances. Tomorrow, you move to the next one — for better management of food supply with less wastage — it’s good for the environment, right? Next? Maybe a product for architects, so they can visualize simulations of air currents on skyscrapers. Bored? Okay, so let’s make a platform for people like you, startupers who want to find similar people to work with.

So another week, month, quarter, year, year and a half pass — how about something new? Sure, why not — you’re a free man. But how about a product for car sharing that will revolutionize the industry?

We work for a living, not live for work (Paulo Coelho?) — so at least let’s make it honest and fun.

What we can’t promise you:

1. Best office in the world — I mean, you have where to sit, it’s even comfortable, but let’s face it — for sure someone has or will have a better one.

2. The best of the best devices of the best devices of the best devices — MacBook Pros are fine, we really like them but if there’s anything better? Sure!

3. Only the most interesting projects — we want to, we try to but sometimes we just grit our teeth, work over it and do our best — as we promised we would;

4. Perfect workflow with no obstacles — there will be distractions, there will be problems and yes — sometimes we are annoying too!

5. That everyone will only think about how to make you happy — we do our best, you do your best and we’re all going to have a great culture — yet it’s your job too.

6. Fruity Wednesday — yeah...

What we can promise you:

1. Freedom — to speak about your ideas, concepts, and feedback to work on them, to make them happen.

2. Products — for small businesses, for changing the world, for great startups, for bigger corporations, for fun.

3. Balance — between messy startup and red tape corporation, between getting things done and chillout, between remote and office hours, between work and life.

4. Full support — we work as a team and improve as a team, open feedback, sometimes harsh, sometimes sweet — yet the trust and respect are the key values;

5. Experimental culture— so you can test your concepts, validate them and implement them — for the benefit of us all!

6. Us — normal people, with skills and knowledge to share, with emotions and defects that will annoy you or make you laugh, with respect and care for the team.

7. Fruity Wednesday every day — just please eat some fruit from time to time so we don’t waste it... 


When everyone else is the best, we’re normal, making the best of our skills and experiences, working on products that we believe have meaning. So how about you, want to grab a coffee, “the best one in town”? If you’d like to give us a chance and have a chat, check out our current job vacancies over here:

Do you have any additional questions about preparing for the recruitment process or about joining Startup House? Reach out to us at

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