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When you lack resources, but you have great ideas. How did Siemens Financial Services start its digitalization?

How is the need for innovation born at a large company? What is the similarity between corporations and start-ups? And is every organization prepared to face the challenges that arise when creating new services? I will try to answer these and other questions in this article, sharing my experience from implementing the SimplyLease online leasing service at Siemens Financial Services.
Cezary Zbierzchowski
06 marzec 2020
8 min


How can you monetize your digital product?

Former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, likes to say that revenue solves all known problems and it is the one metric that product managers and executives cannot game. Product Managers at Startup Development House (SDH) could not agree more. There are numerous examples where startups did not monetize their products properly and went bankrupt.
Startup Development House
02 marzec 2020
3 min