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What is the difference between Quality Assurance Engineers and Software Testers?

“A Software Tester is a person who has to be told what to do. A Quality Assurance Engineer is a guy who usually says what I should do and when”, is what one of the Project Managers in my previous job has told me. This sentence kept coming back to me for a long time now and I can say that he wasn’t far from the truth.
Arkadiusz Jelonek
06 kwiecień 2020
5 min


Guide on how to integrate external Quality Assurance into existing team?

Scaling up your project team is not an easy task — finding the right people is definitely a challenge, but it’s not the only factor contributing to an efficient and well-performing group. At Startup House, we already did the hard work by acquiring the top brains that are available, but the final piece of the puzzle is actually up to the owner of the team. From my experience, integrating external quality assurance into an already existing team can be tricky, as there are several barriers to overcome on more than one plane. But all this is worth the effort!
Łukasz Kołpak
27 marzec 2020
5 min


What is Quality Assurance in IT?

Have you ever gotten stuck in the process of signing into an electric scooter rental app because of some strange error message or got frustrated with extremely weak UX of a tax form? Or maybe you realized you have trouble making a purchase on a device that was supposed to support the online store. That’s when you experience bad quality assurance in IT. And when do you meet proper one? E.g. this perfectionist company’s website you’re reading this blog on, where every detail is precisely aligned and optimized for all mainstream devices.
Startup Development House
13 styczeń 2020
4 min