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Cloud Based Customer Care System with Voice Recognition

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Project brief

When we first heard about the 1mphone concept, we fell in love with it right away. Most business still rely on stiff, inefficient phone services to handle their incoming calls, but 1mphone is all about creating a flexible, refined and responsive call management system powered by data analysis and AI. In one minute, business owners can get a landline in 40 countries and set up an intelligent answering system that will interact with callers according to endless customization options.

Improving every detail

We put all our love and enthusiasm into developing the perfect roadmap for 1mphone. We then quickly moved on to the creation of a fully-clickable prototype, from which we built an MVP once we received our client’s approval. With valuable customer feedback at the tip of our fingers, we started improving every detail to make 1mphone absolutely perfect for its users. And now? Perfection is only the beginning! We are striving to offer the customer service of the future to as many people as possible.

To retain simplicity

The app design posed significant challenges. It had to retain its focus on clarity and function while also reflecting the new identity. The intention was to keep its simplicity and function where possible, but also introduce engaging features throughout. The combination would provide a great balance of form and function.

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The client’s opinion about us


Michele Barbagli Italy flag CEO, 1mphone

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From the initial proposal to the finished design, the team at Startup House was prompt, professional and competent at every step of the way. Neat design isn't just about appearance, it's also about delivering results. We had put off redesigning our website and defining our brand identity for more than 12 months because we couldn't find the right agency. I'm happy to say that Startup House exceeded our expectations on every level and we now consider them an integral part of our team.


We help our clients in designing and developing great products. That translates into integration of our team with the client team’s processes. 1mphone technology stack:

  • Ruby on Rails API

  • AngularJS Front-end

  • Twillio Integration

Conversation is one of our most important values and a habit we support on every stage of our development process. Conversation is executed through digital tooling so the context is never lost. We use Slack for chat, Pivotal Tracker for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.