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Project brief

Lawbotics was created to solve everyday legal issues with an easy-to-use online tool that creates, sends, and tracks legal documents in one intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

Crafting a refreshing platform

To make the most of this great concept, we went on a one-week wireframing sprint to get a prototype right from the start. Then we merged creative forces with the product owner to provide a sound business plan and top-notch branding. Then we did the coding bit, got some valuable user feedback, and adjusted the result until everyone was happy – both the users and the product owner!

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The story of textures

We designed the site to direct as much attention as possible to the easiness of using the service. With the superior, elegant interface, we could focus on presenting the content in a way that allows a visitor to easily understand every step of the process. Making the site clear-cut was one of our top priorities.

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The client’s opinion about us

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Merete Nygaard Norway flag CEO & Founder, Lawbotics

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We’ve used Startup Development House for developing the MVP for my start-up. Startup Development House was easy to communicate with, and did a great job proposing solutions and design for the MVP. Considering that I do not have any technical background myself, Startup Development House made it easy to build our first prototype.


Dynamic generation of Word documents based on schemes in JSON files may sound like a challenge, but our developers had accomplished that with ease. And they had done that while working on the project with some impressive technologies. Lawbotics technology stack:

  • Ruby on Rails

  • PostgreSQL

  • Angular.js

  • Mailchimp API

  • Stripe API

Conversation is one of our most important values and a habit we support on every stage of our development process. Conversation is executed through digital tooling so the context is never lost. We use Slack for chat, Pivotal Tracker for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.