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Project brief

MyFoodOffice approached us with the task of building their product declarations app. We sat down with the team, created a juicy design and then focused on creating a database architecture which would be ready for serious post-launch scaling. We have been with MyFoodOffice from the beginning and we continue our cooperation as the product is being developed with new features every few weeks.

Trustworthy brand formation

Nobody messes with other people’s food or anything (anything!) related to it. That is why the brand we were going to communicate had to represent trust and professionalism while remaining as clean and modern as possible. When creating a logo for MyFoodOffice we tried to tell the story of the actual product: connecting something we all know, food represented by the wheatear, with something very new for the industry - technology.

Delicious design choices

Crafting the look & feel of the platform had to respond to the users’ expectations from such product and the goals we set ourselves with the brand identity design. We wanted it to be uncluttered, fresh, yet not boring, and at the same time contemporary and eye-catching. Our design team tried to reflect the delicious nature of food industry. Looking at the results and the feedback the team got from its users - they have done a perfect job.

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When working on the project we focused on using the most recent technology pieces. We wanted it to be error-free and we focused on bringing to the platform as many automated tests as possible. MyFoodOffice technology stack:

  • Ruby on Rails (back end)

  • React (front end)

  • PostgreSQL (database)

  • Google Cloud Platform (hosting)

  • Sendgrid (email notification integration)

  • Rollbar (error tracking software)

  • CodeClimate (automated code review)

  • Cloudflare (WAF, DDoS protection)

  • CircleCI (continuous integration and delivery)

Conversation is one of our most important values and a habit we support on every stage of our development process. Conversation is executed through digital tooling so the context is never lost. We use Slack for chat, Jira for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.