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Project brief

Startupmatcher needed a modern job platform for startups and talents seeking a career in the digital industry. Their website had to ensure a constant flow of skillful candidates while also providing startups with valuable knowledge and best practice tools. They needed a dedicated team who understood the style and trends of the startup scene.

To communicate a refreshed brand

First we joined forces to establish a detailed roadmap, then we delivered key elements along the way: a fully-functional prototype, a clean and memorable design, and an MVP to gather user feedback. And finally, we provided them with a beautifully made website that would answer the needs of both startup owners and their potential employees.

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Revitalizing the website

A neat design defines the revitalized Startupmatcher website, offering clarity and conveying brand character. Startupmatcher target audience would have high expectations regarding visual design, so an outstanding aesthetic was paramount. A visually engaging and a dynamic presentation of the content was essential for encouraging exploration through the content and making a mark for the website.

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The client’s opinion about us

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Working with Startup Development House is like having an in-house team of dedicated developers, but at the fraction of the price. They understand what it means to be a startup and are able to quickly adapt to changing environment. Startup Development House team is flexible, communicate well, works hard, and most importantly, they are committed to get the job done and want the client to succeed in all possible ways.


Our developers were responsible for new design implementation, code refactoring and a few minor and major version updates. Our developers had successfully updated the old version with needed functionality, and then rolled out a grand update according to the client’s requirements.

  • Node.js

  • React

  • ElasticSearch

  • MongoDB

When updating the old version, we had repaid the technical debt and refactored the code whenever possible to avoid potential problems with scaling or adding new functionality in the future. The new version of the product was successfully released and is now available for using.