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Project brief

The Startupmatcher + DNB project was all about entrepreneurs. The bank wanted to help all Nordic startups grow and teamed up with the matching platform to play a significant role in recruiting. “Being able to attract talented individuals who can contribute to growing your company is absolutely essential.” they said. And our team worked really hard to deliver the new features.

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Best of both worlds

We built the site to encourage entrepreneurs to take part in the Startupmatcher + DNB project. Our exquisite project is the perfect balance between fresh energy of the startup world and a professional and stable bank image. It invites the visitor to use its functionality and we are thrilled to have a chance to contribute to this amazing project.

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The client’s opinion about us

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Thomas Sveum Norway flag CEO, Startupmatcher

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Working with Startup Development House is like having an in-house team of dedicated developers, but at the fraction of the price. They understand what it means to be a startup and are able to quickly adapt to changing environment. Startup Development House team is flexible, communicate well, works hard, and most importantly, they are committed to get the job done and want the client to succeed in all possible ways.


Our developers were responsible for new design implementation, code refactoring and a few minor and major version updates. Our developers had successfully updated the old version with needed functionality, and then rolled out a grand update according to the client’s requirements.

  • Node.js

  • React

  • ElasticSearch

  • MongoDB

When updating the old version, we had repaid the technical debt and refactored the code whenever possible to avoid potential problems with scaling or adding new functionality in the future. The new version of the product was successfully released and is now available for using.