Why do we use Gatsby and Strapi for building websites?

Static site generators (SSG) and headless content management systems (CMS) have been blowing up lately. They allow creating fast, performant and easy-to-manage websites. Moreover, the final product makes it extremely easy to edit its content so it...
Mateusz Wójcik
21 February 2020
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Onboard yourself. How to prepare for your first day ...

After making the decision about changing your job, you’ve successfully passed the recruitment process, you know some things about the company, you’ve accepted the conditions and have already signed...
Michalina Grzesiak
19 February 2020

Startup Development House is now a Certified Google ...

We are happy to announce that Startup Development House is now recognized as a Certified Google Cloud Partner! We are now a part of the directory of companies which have “proven technical mastery” ...
Startup Development House
14 February 2020

Why should I learn Ruby on Rails?

Learning a programming language is usually an investment for many years ahead, especially if that’s your first one. It’s not hard to imagine how starting from a specific technology can shape not on...
Adrian Nowak
03 February 2020

How to develop Product Growth strategy?

Let’s say you’ve achieved a product-market fit (congratulations!). What should you do next? Well, the next step is to figure out how to grow the number of customers using your product. At Startup D...
Startup Development House
29 January 2020

What is Ruby on Rails?

To put it very simply, Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework written in the Ruby programming language. The so called ‘RoR’ aims to simplify the creation of web applications by generating de...
Kasia Pryczek
27 January 2020

How to find product-market fit?

There’s an old saying, that the life of any product can be divided into two parts — before product-market fit and after PMF. This article will help you during the first part, while the following on...
Startup Development House
21 January 2020

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75% of S&P 500 firms will be replaced within 15 years.

The world is changing faster than ever There is no company which for sure will be still on the market in the next 5 years. There is no company which may afford not to change in the meantime.
Alicja Stecz
28 February 2018

Flutter vs React Native: Which one is better in 2019?

Does the comparison Flutter vs React Native ring your bell? Don’t know about Flutter yet? But for sure you know about React Native, right? We are in front of a quite new cross-platform development ...
Kamil Regulski
15 January 2019