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Take a look at how we can help your product

We develop your ideas by turning them into user-centered products ready for market validation.

MVP Development

MVP Development

An early definition of the core value proposition is an essential success factor that will help us develop better solutions in a shorter time.

  • Features prioritization
  • Defining success metrics
  • Quick application launch
  • Market fit testing
Workshop & App Prototyping

Workshop & App Prototyping

Starting with your idea, we guide you through our Product Discovery process - challenging and shaping new MVP that we will turn into a clickable prototype quickly.

  • 3-day design thinking workshop
  • An experienced product management team
  • Detailed user journey maps
  • Ready-to-test clickable prototype
Product Design

Product Design

Bringing heart and soul to create products that will maximize user experience and satisfy business metrics while looking just stunning.

  • Exceptional concept work
  • Best UX practices
  • Consistent visual identity
  • Constant product improvement
Web Development

Web Development

As a part-software development company, we continually improve our technical skills, excel at new technologies, and look for the best practices.

  • Test-driven development
  • Performance optimization
  • Application audit and maintenance
User Testing

User Testing

We will help you validate your product concept with real users via remote user testing and adjust the prototype according to the feedback.

  • Series of tailor-made user interviews
  • A better understanding of your personas
  • Remote tools that speed up the process
  • Feedback analysis and instant prototype update
Scrum Team Augmentation

Scrum Team Augmentation

Ensure a product growth’s continuity and stability by having a dedicated Scrum Team that will suit your organization and bring several years of experience to help you develop new concepts in the most efficient way.

  • Battle-tested product teams
  • Agile mindset & Scrum practices
  • Scrum Master support
Mobile Development

Mobile Development

A smooth mobile development process to optimize your application for most popular devices and ensure the best user experience.

  • Most suitable technologies for iOS & Android
  • Native mobile solutions
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)
Product Management

Product Management

Is your product suitable for the chosen market? Does it bring the answer to real customer issues? We created a team of experienced Product Managers that will guide you and challenge your ideas to deliver the greatest value possible at every step through your product life cycle.

  • Value proposition design
  • Business model generation
  • Go to market strategy for digital products
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is about much more than just testing the application and listing all software bugs. Our QA specialists will act as your first users - equipped with knowledge about UX, security, and technical skills to ensure your application meets all current standards.

  • Quality driven development process
  • Automated testing
  • Minimizing bug fixing costs
Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications

With the Google Cloud and AWS specialization in Application Development under our belt, we’ve proven our ability to help startups and enterprises leverage the cloud to build and manage cloud-native business apps.

  • Rapid scaling possibilities
  • Advancing data security
  • Google Cloud Platform partner

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Why us?

Startup Development House team

Startup expertise Our startup expertise stands on 3 pillars

We’ve worked for famous startups and big organizations, so we know the struggles entrepreneurs face every day from our own projects, and we build digital products for our clients on a regular basis. We’ve seen it all and we’ve learned a lot from it so you would have it the easy way.

Startup project We guide through the whole process

Having successfully created multiple startup projects we know what to do at every stage of the product life cycle. You don’t need any technical knowledge, you don’t need to understand the startup world, you don’t need to have your own people. Our team has all the skills needed to help you throughout the journey.

Projects We have built over 40 projects so far

Corporate innovations, startups from scratch, features for grown businesses, prototypes, designs, consulting projects, roadmap setups, workshops, multiple industries, various geographies, different team setups. Our experience is broad and it helped us shape the processes, practices, and standards to meet on all of our projects.

Polish developers Our EU-based office is home for Polish developers

Polish developers are among the world’s elite. According to HackerRank, we are in the global top 3 in terms of pure development skill. We make sure that our teams work on exciting projects and have everything they need to perform at the pinnacle of their performance.

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