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Logo & branding
Every product or business has to be effectively communicated to its potential customers and users. We work with you to define or refine your identity and vision. We communicate it through various channels using designed logo and icon set. Our style guides for both print and web incorporate these design elements and the color and typography that represents your brand.
Web design & development
Our aim is to deliver a great product, and to accomplish that we work with the full technology stack. By using the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, notably AngularJS and React, we provide a rich and interactive user experience. We keep this experience consistent across all devices through the responsive design. To power the application we use Ruby on Rails, a flexible framework built for scaling and rapid development. Should your application require a database, we’re versed in SQL and NoSQL solutions.
UI & UX design
To lay the foundation for an application, we use a variety of tools. User-centered wireframes and flow diagrams provide the key information on how the user will interact with your application. Optimizing user flows for speed and ease-of-use brings vast benefits to user retention and engagement. We make these designs come to life through clickable prototypes. Adding touch of visual design and we arrive at the perfect blend of user experience and user interface design.
Technology consulting
For every business to be successful, technology has to play an integral part. Cloud-based technology provides a cost-effective way to improve efficiency and scalability of your organization. We will lay out a roadmap how and when to use the right technology to arrive at the optimal ROI. Technology is available in many different forms – API, Security, SEO, IoT – we are here to help you navigate the landscape. Optimal technology does not necessarily mean the latest, brand-new tools, but rather tools that provide reliability, maintainability and are chosen considering the scale of your business.
Business development
Launching a product for any business, new or established, is not just about the code, but also about the product distribution and growth strategy. We analyse the whole pipeline starting from the code development, through product distribution to, by cooperating with you, finally defining the pricing models and the user acquisition strategy by. Social media and user analytics are the tools that we use to execute this strategy. With the developers in our team, we can quickly adjust to the appropriate product in response to the changing user adoption metrics. This iteration speed gives an unique opportunity to help you meet your business goals.
Professional SEO Services
Our professional organic search engine optimization services include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and content marketing – all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business. We use an individualized approach when executing our SEO assignments, in order to fully meet our clients’ expectations.

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