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Project brief

When they came to us, Siemens needed good, cohesive web design on every level: for their customers, for their sales agents, and for their managers and directors. They needed a fresh start-up approach to things, but they also looked for someone who would understand and respect their corporate identity.

Reflecting the efficiency

The goal was to create a fully-integrated, multi-layered sales offer generator so that Siemens customers and employees could have all their needs met by one simple web tool. As one of the world’s most influential industrial manufacturers, Siemens prizes efficiency above all, and requested a product that reflects this. We gladly complied, and delivered a platform that worked all the time, on every level.

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All about functionality

Siemens reached out to us to create a tool that would allow everyone to use it without any doubt. Making the site all about functionality was a top priority for us. We built the transparent website which serves its purpose and at the same time looks sleek and refined.

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When working on the project we had to face the challenge of integrating it with 2GI. Our developers had to implement the support of REGON and KRS databases. Siemens Offer Generator technology stack:

  • Ruby on Rails

  • PostgreSQL

  • JavaScript / jQuery

  • Materialize CSS

  • 2GI API

Conversation is one of our most important values and a habit we support on every stage of our development process. Conversation is executed through digital tooling so the context is never lost. We use Slack for chat, Pivotal Tracker for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.